Summary of Public Talk at Politikoffee by President of The CEROC

First of all, let me clarify few things: I do frankly appreciate Politikoffee and all group members who are very energetic, savvy, bravery, and outstanding. The CEROC is a neutral organization employed by volunteers to advocate for the rights to vote of all Cambodians overseas. It has no political affiliation to any body or party. My presentation today is solely my personal view and finding. It doesn’t represent view and finding among team members entirely. The presentation session is trying…

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Mr. Sophan Seng shall be a guest speaker at the Politikoffee this 5 March 2016

Op-Ed: Ritthy Ou (facebook) Pertinent topic of #Politikoffee this week: “Rights to Vote of Cambodians Overseas” Our honor to welcome Mr. Sophoan Seng as our speaker. Mr. Sophan is the: – Leader of Commission for Elections Rights of Overseas Cambodians (CEROC) – Deputy Returning Officer for Elections Canada 2014-2015, Calgary Forest Lawn Electoral District -Founder of Cambodian Leadership Skills – Graduate of University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA, (MA, PhD Candidate) – Time: 05 March 2016 2.30 – 4.30 pm…

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