Message from Mu Sochua MP-Elect of CNRP

Dear compatriots,

Please allow me to express my sincere thanks for your expressed concerns over the rounds of negotiations CNRP/CPP.
CNRP continues to demand:
1/ investigation of electoral irregularities;
2/ electoral reforms;
3/ re-election.
Results of the the first round of negotiation:
1/ the formation of a mixed committee from both parties to discuss technical issues;
2/ the participation and inputs from national and international organizations in the technical discussions, seminars and public forums on electoral reforms;
3/ international experts and financial support for electoral reforms.
Results of the 2nd round of negotiations:
1/ all Khmers will have the right to vote;
2/ a draft  law on party finance will be debated in parliament;
3/ electoral reforms which includes
  • credible voter list;
  • an independent NEC;
  • an independent body to judge on electoral complaints;
  • equal access to media.
Concretely, we have gained, so far: