HE John Baird

Thank you letter responding to H.E.John Baird of Canada

Dear Mr. Baird; Thank you very much for taking time to respond to us concerning the Election Irregularities and the latest political development in Cambodia. Many Cambodians and their diasporas in North America have relentlessly advocated for free, fair and just election in Cambodia. They have petitioned to the United Nations particularly the co-signatory countries of Paris Peace Agreement in 23 October 1991 to help enforce the ruling Cambodian People’s Party to abide by the national constitution and the international…

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Letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada

Seng Sophoan and Co-signatories sophanse@gmail.com Dear Seng Sophoan and Co-signatories: Thank you for your correspondence of August 16, 2013, expressing your concerns regarding the elections in the Kingdom of Cambodia. I regret the delay in replying to you. The Government of Canada closely followed events in Cambodia. Canada encourages all sides to seek a peaceful and transparent resolution to the disputes pertaining to the election results. The Government of Canada has been involved in several projects in Cambodia, including programs aimed…

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