Cambodia NEC

Why did Japan keep assisting NEC?

Op-Ed: CSIS By Sek Sophal After a series of crackdowns by the Cambodian government on independent media, civil society organizations, and a main opposition party in late 2017, Western countries swiftly responded by imposing visa restrictions on Cambodia’s high-ranking officials and terminating development aid. However, Japan, as a treaty ally of the US and a democratic country sharing the values of freedom and human rights, has neither terminated its Official Development Aid (ODA) to Cambodia, nor cut its technical and financial…

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Briefing of the discussion and meeting with high ranking officers of NEC

This part (54), Mr. Sophan Seng elaborated about the meeting with NEC’s officials on February 19, 2016. Mr. Sophan Seng who is the leader of the CEROC, was honored to meeting H.E.Kuoy Bunroeun, Deputy of NEC at the head office to discuss the right to vote of Cambodians overseas. The meeting was anticipated by two permanent members and two deputy secretaries of the current NEC. The discussion is summarized following: Mr. Sophan Seng highly valued the new NEC that is…

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