Mr.Sophoan Seng, Leader of CEROC, was interviewed by KPR on 29 March 2014

On 29 March 2014, Mr.Sophoan Seng was interviewed by Mr. Sok Siven on the petition campaign to demand for Election Rights of Overseas Cambodians (CEROC). On the interview, the answer deliberately articulated on following issues:

  • What CEROC?
  • What legal and substantial background to support CEROC?
  • How could Cambodians overseas vote?
  • What is the campaign significance?
  • How could people help to rally with us on this campaign?
  • Etc.

CEROC public logo (Courtesy of Sovann Khemara)
CEROC public logo
(Courtesy of Sovann Khemara)

4 Replies to “Mr.Sophoan Seng, Leader of CEROC, was interviewed by KPR on 29 March 2014”

  1. 03/30/2014

    Sophoan Seng

    Dear Mr. Seng

    Sir. I wholeheartedly support CEROC.

    Thank you for spearheading this enormous task.

    Sincerely yours
    Bo K.S. Uce [signed]
    Bo Khaem Sokhamm Uce, (BA, law student 3L)

  2. Dear Mr. Uce;

    I am greatly encouraged by your participation. I am proud of your erudite aspiration and by participating from your team, this enormous task will be eventually achieved.


    Sophoan S.
    CEROC’s Team Leader

  3. Dear Mr. Sophoan Seng

    Excellent , you have a great idea. It will save Cambodia on time.

    Best regards,


  4. Dear Mr. Prasath Kem;

    Cambodians overseas have hugely contributed to nation-building of Cambodia. Cambodia is not in the situation like Israel but without the efforts of Cambodians overseas, this nation might be shrunken.

    Beside of helping materially and emotionally, the voting participation is a must for all Cambodians overseas.

    Thank you very much for your encouragement and helping with this collective effort.


    Sophoan Seng
    CEROC’s Team Leader

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