Dual Citizenship

Why allowing dual citizens to vote from a broad is important?

A research article by Center for Immigrant Studies articulated on the importance of having dual citizenship abroad to vote in their home countries. Voting is one of the essential elements for citizenship and a critical part of belonging to a political community. Voting is the heart of civic responsibility. Voting can help their home countries with an advantages of social and economic development. Voting is one principal way of organizing and extending their influence and of reestablishing and reinforcing immigrant ties…

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Dual Citizens May Be Banned From Prime Minister Role

Op-Ed: Cambodia Daily Dual Citizens May Be Banned From Prime Minister Role BY MECH DARA AND ALEX WILLEMYNS | MARCH 11, 2014 Emerging from a meeting on electoral reform Monday, senior ruling party lawmaker Cheam Yeap said that the government is considering modifying Cambodia’s nationality law to ban those with dual citizenship from running for the office of prime minister. Mr. Yeap, who represented the CPP at the second meeting of the new joint-party Electoral Reform Committee on Monday, explained that the change, which…

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Dual Citizenship Cambodia

Dual Citizenship Cambodia Cambodia has permitted dual citizenship since 1996. How can you acquire Cambodian citizenship? I. CITIZENSHIP BY BIRTH Those falling into the following categories acquire Khmer citizenship by birth, regardless of the place of birth: children born to at least one Khmer parent; illegitimate children born to and recognized by at least one Khmer parent; children not recognized by the parents, but the court has passed a judgment stating that the child was born from at least one…

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