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CNRP supports CEROC on its effort to demand the right to vote

According to an interview by CMN Radio or Cambodia Media Network on April 21, 2014 during his official visit to Canada (see  video clip or direct link), Yim Sovann who is a high ranking officer of Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) highly valued and supported the demand to allowing and facilitating for Cambodians overseas to vote in Cambodia elections. He detailed the importance of election participation from Cambodians overseas and the relevant procedure by dispatching National Election Committee representatives to each location around the world. He said that each year, Cambodians overseas sent in remittance to Cambodia approximately 600 millions dollars or 17% of Gross National Income (GNI).

Answering to the stunt question from a Cambodian-Canadian senior during the public forum speech (question, answer), he was optimistically articulating that the current negotiation between CNRP and CPP in in-dept reform of NEC reached a plausible agreement to having split half and half of the NEC members, so that the aim to facilitate for Cambodians overseas to vote is realistic.

CEROC’s president, Mr. Sophoan Seng, who was at the forum as well argued that if the right to vote of Cambodians overseas have already been endorsed by the laws but it is still lacking implementation, it is still considered a lacking right for Cambodians overseas to be able to vote in each Cambodia election.  He said that “UNs should ensure that the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) and the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) collectively adopt into law by stating clearly that Cambodians overseas are able to vote in each Cambodia election and the law should include its detail, relevant technical aspects of undertaking those election procedures.”

CEROC Team Report,

Question and Answer for HE Yim Sovann during his meeting with Khmer Overseas in Calgary Canada

A Khmer oversea Senior asked HE Yim Sovann during his stop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on allowing him to vote in Cambodia elections. He is demanding the right to vote and the accessibility to be able to vote in Cambodia elections.

Cambodians overseas need right and accessibility to vote in Cambodia elections. Thank you very much CNRP and we are looking forward to hearing from CPP for this prestigious unalienable right of Cambodians overseas worldwide.

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Happy Khmer New Year 2558 from CEROC

This Khmer new year occasion of 2558, the CEROC Committees and all members would like to WISH YOU AND FAMILY A HAPPY, HEALTHY AND SUCCESSFUL YEAR. May you all are blessed by THE FIVE BLESSINGS OF LORD BUDDHA: LONGEVITY, WELL-BEING, HAPPINESS, HEALTHINESS, AND PROSPERITY.

CEROCERS would like to express deep gratitude for your kind support to the vision and mission of our campaign. Your involvement and petition signing are our realistic collective effort to strive for another level of rescuing our nation.

Our rights to vote in Cambodia elections is an unalienable right and we are just asking for clear stating in the law as well as the facilitating for all Cambodians Overseas to vote without obstacle.

We have already undertaken great tasks to rescue our nation through remittances, donation, active involvement in political forums and sharing all good news through social media; but our next step is the Right to Vote that we are not only achieving our obligation as the Cambodian citizens but to impact policy in Cambodia through our constituents.

Sincerely Yours,
Sophoan Seng
CEROC Team Leader

CEROC is actively advocating for Right to Vote during this Khmer New Year Celebration

Dear Brothers & Sisters;

It has been nearly a month now that CEROC has actively campaigned for the Right to Vote of all Cambodians Overseas. For this historical and collective effort, the CEROCERS, supporters and sympathizers are actively working hard to spread this news and collect petition signatures as much as they can. During this solemn Khmer New Year Celebration of passing from year of 2557 to ascending towards to the year of 2558, CEROC is extremely colloquial and ambitious.

Beside of regular promotion through individual contact, family gathering, public forums, ceremonies and traditional gathering such as Khmer New Year, CEROC has used print media such as T-shirts, posters, flyers and artistic logos to outreach and ads our campaign omnipresently. Below are selective print media for your reference.


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